Edina Evi’s Unique Dreamwalls

How it is made

I thought I would give you a little insight into what it is like to work on a product:

  • imagining design (theme, size), editing, scale zoom, custom pattern creation
  • selection / purchase of textiles
  • preparation for customisation: initiation, ironing
  • Tailoring
    • Textile tailoring: 2 layers for each element + front and back panel of wall protector – essential for pocket design, nice inside, uniform look
    • customised adhesive liner: for front and back of each element to keep their shapes in place + front and back panel of wall protector
    • fleece: 1 layer for each element
  • ironing of adhesive linings on textile
  • sewing, turning, and stapling elements manually
  • back cover assembly, quilting
  • placing elements on the back, fixing pockets
  • sewing frame
  • attach a velcro or ring
  • Sewing the EdWall Fabrics label
“Prices are shown for products that are ready to sell.
In case of unique demand (other size, extra shapes, figures) the Dreamwall will be individually priced.
Preparation time takes 3-4 weeks.”

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