Edina Evi’s Unique Dreamwalls

This is how it started … anno 2004

How it all started – 2004

Many years ago … my daughter made her first steps, we were living a happy life.

In a new apartment, but with empty walls. Plush toys and small toys, that were growing in number thanks to loving family members and friends, were all kept in boxes around the apartment. They had no practical place. This is where the idea came to lighten up the nursery with something that is friendly, soft, colourful and able to store all the toys.

As I learned to sew, and picked up all the necessary skills, it seemed feasible  to make it myself.

I usually started when my daughter went to bed at nights and after 3 weeks the first Dreamwall was completed. It was 3.6 meters wide and 1.7 meters high.

Exceeding the expectations, it was loved by my little daughter and later by my little son.

They played a lot together, literally surrounded by a fairy tale world. Their mischievous eyes were shining as they found the treasures hidden in the pockets.

As usual, friends with small children came over for dinner. Amazed at the world of secret pockets, they asked me to sew them one as well. Each piece I completed was very well received and was a companion to the children of my friends throughout their childhood. 

Despite the initial successes and continuous encouragement, I did not dare to move beyond the small circle. I cherished a dream, a fairy tale world, that once I will be able to dedicate my life to this.

Although my children have grown up, the dream has remained.

Recently, whenever I was setting my head into something new, it didn’t feel right. I always came back to the idea of what it would be like to …

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