Edina Evi’s Unique Dreamwalls

About me

Greetings, I'm Edina Evi

“By looking back, I think my mother saw a little fairy in me. She was combing my hair that ran down to my waist, she put cute little clothes in the closet, babies at the end of the bed… To be honest, these things were the furthest from me ☺
Ever since I was little, there were two things that have interested me: sports and a creative mindset.
Be it wood, paper or textiles, I colored, cut, carved, built, painted.
And hippo oh, this is how I got to my current passion.
We are in a kind of “with or without you” relationship with sport, but my other driving force, the transformer, the creator, remains unbroken!
I learned to sew, first as a leatherworker and then as a women’s dressmaker. Well, not because I was enslaved to fashion bags and clothes, but because by doing this I felt I could create.”

“I finished the first wall mounted toy storage unit in 2004 for my own pleasure. Of course, there was the idea that my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter would certainly be very pleased with it – but what would a young princess not be happy about? ☺
The first of something is always a challenge but surely, it ended up being good, even great. It filled the space on the wall, held the toys, played with the child’s fantasy, we loved it. My daughter fell instantly in love with it, not least my later son. Even at the age of 7-8, they could barely let go.
This became the first prototype.
Turning back to me, a lot of things happened on the way. College, university, office work, business management. Then came the thought, “”Let’s make a business out of this!” Make my hobby my job! ”
For 2018, I knew very well what I wanted, but not how I would approach it.
I wrote down a plan, what I already had and what was needed. After that, of course, the family cap council is essential! ☺ Hooray! I won their support!”

“My main job slipped to second place as a part-time job, with the Dreamwalls on top of the priority scale.
I started 2019 on the basis of an already detailed plan that was considered feasible.
The number of showpieces is constantly growing, their style is wide ranging and I have a lot of unpresented designs!
Of course, I have had some boisterous times, chances are that there will be more, but we will deal with them then.
Now the design, the choice of colors and materials, and the tailoring are the most important so that as many kids as possible can feel the warm, safe fairytale world that my two babies felt.
They still look back at their Dreamwalls with a smile on their faces. We have still kept The First.
As they say, “”This is not a gift”” :)”