Edina Evi’s Unique Dreamwalls


“The way I see it and tell it: The Dreamwall is a fairy tale, a fabulous realm that sets off fantasy and flies it further …

Of course, there are times when I can sum it up with 6 words: a colorful wall made of textiles. ☺

Practical for parents, because it decorates, protects, insulates. For babies and toddlers it is a magic land full of hidden nooks, traceable pockets, which can take the form of a cottage, a vehicle, a sunbath, a plant or just an animal character. Whatever form they take, they invite the little adventurer to play.

Some elements can be taken off and removed from the Dreamwall and thus perform another function in themselves.

For example, the soccer boy’s ball, which could be our boy’s favourite pillow during sleep. Similarly, Panka, the little girl walking in socks with a basket in her hand. The basket is removable, our children can take it with them for imaginary or real shopping tours. Or, for example, on the astronaut Dreamwall the little astronaut has a backpack. How cool is it when our little prince goes to the kindergarten with his little astronaut backpack? If we think about it, he will arrive as an astronaut that morning. ☺

In essence, the Dreamwall is a companion day and night.

Its colors and forms give it a real intimacy, we are enchanted by it, and it develops by playing. I could list my plans and references for a long time, but I feel like I would never run out of them, at the moment I can only provide directions, opportunities for possible designed, but I am sure I can make your Dreamwall come true 🙂 . Let me know what kind of Dreamwall you can / would dream of in your home.

You imagine it, we will discuss it together, and I will make it for you!”